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Rapid Infrared Aluminum Hot Forging. We have developed an award-winning process for aluminum hot forging that uses rapid infrared heating to give aluminum enhanced physical properties such as improved fatigue life, fine grain microstructure, and faster response to heat treatment. Queen City Forging uses IR heating technology to reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs up to 50%.

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Jul 10, 2019 · The cold forging method comprises the following steps of:annealing:annealing an aluminum alloy; lubricating:lubricating the annealed aluminum alloy; rough-forging:forging the lubricated aluminum alloy into a rough blank; solutionizing:solutionizing the rough blank; fine-forging:forging the solutionized rough blank into a structural member; and ageing:ageing the structural member, wherein Forging of Aluminum Alloys - NISTperatures in the forging of aluminum alloys is a critical process variable that is vital to the suc-cess of the forging process. However, die tem-peraturesanddeformationratesplaykeyrolesin determining the actual workpiece metal tem-perature achieved during the forging deforma-tion sequence. Effect of Deformation Rate. Aluminum alloy forgings are produced on a wide variety of

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Mar 01, 2019 · Forging is one such process. It has emerged as one of the most prominent manufacturing processes in recent years. The forging process can be of many types. One such type is the aluminum forging process. As is quite clear from the name, the process makes use of aluminum to serve the purposes. What Is Aluminum Forging Process? - Al Forge Tech Tips on How To Make Aluminium Forging Components. Forging is one of the many ways to machine raw metals. And we implement a technique known as extrusion forging to manufacture our products. The process of extrusion forging is applying a great amount of pressure continuously on to a metal billet in a die cast, molding the metal into the initial form of our product.

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    • Open-die forging. Ideal for processing large pieces of aluminum, open die presses do not constrain Aluminum Forging Process Forging KnowledgeAluminum Forging Process. Queen City Forging applies rapid Infrared heating in the process of making Aluminum Hot Forgings resulting in enhanced physical properties:improved fatigue life, fine grain aluminum metallurgy, and increased hardenability. Queen City Forging uses IR heating technology to reduce energy consumption and lower costs.

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