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To order, specify Cash Valve type by specific series designation (i.e. Type E Series) and the end connection, if applicable. Also state the following:1.Valve pipe size 2.Fluid to be controlled 3.Inlet pressure 4.Outlet pressure setting and range 5.Maximum required flow rate 6.System operating temperature How To Order

Cash Acme E-56, EB-24U, EB-75, EB-86 Pressure Regulating

Cash Acme E-56 Piston Type Pressure Regulating Valves, EB-24U Medium Capacity Water Pressure Regulating Valve For Domestic Service, EB-75 Compact Iron Body Regulating Valve For Water Service, EB-86 Series Domestic Water Regulating Valves. E-56 Cash Acme Repair Kits. Pressure Regulator Valves Repair KitsCASH ACME PRV REPAIR. KITS. RESIDENTIAL. Pressure Regulator Repair Kits contain internal components to repair. Cash Acme PRV products. The applicable kit configuration (s) matches up. with existing Cash Acme PRV model numbers and sizes. APPLICATION:Used for the maintenance and repair of the internal components of.

Plumbing Products:Cash Acme Plumbing & Heating Supplies

Cash Acme has been a trusted manufacturer of pressure regulator valves (PRV) for more than a century. We offer an extensive range of pressure regulator valves that are perfect for a number of heating and plumbing applications. Plumbing Valves, Integrated OEM Plumbing Solutions Cash Cash Acme is home to an industry-trusted lineup of integrated plumbing valves and supplies for the residential and commercial sectors. For more than 100 years, weve serviced the general heating and plumbing industry with a solid and well-regarded product range.

The Cash Acme E41 Pressure Reducing and Regulating Valve automatically reduces a high inlet pressure to a lower delivery pressure and maintains the lower pressure within acceptable limits. The valve provides high capacity and close regulation for more demanding and higher quality installations. The E41 is similar in internal design to the E3

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