extruded steel profile alloys extruded for steel profiles


The three companies of the Calvi Network Hot Extrusion Business Unit are all highly specialized in the use of hot extrusion forming technology to produce special steel profiles or tubes. The Business Unit produces a wide range of steel and alloy products (including stainless steel, carbon steel, superalloys and titanium steel) and is able to supply


avy metal alloys all required heat treat-ments are available Hot extruding During hot extrusion a round steel billet is pre-heated and, after leaving the furnace, is pushed through a forming die into a profile bar using a ram with an extrusion force of 2,200 t. Hot extrusion offers substantial advantages in comparison with hot rolling, Extruded Steel Profile, Alloys Extruded for Steel profiles11 rows · The steel profiles are typically hot extruded to the required specifications. In a steel

Extruded steel profiles are used across a wide range of applications, from windows and doors to firearms manufacturing. Steel and steel alloys are some of the most widely-used materials for industrial purposes, as they provide high strength, outstanding durability, and excellent versatility. Common applications for steel extruded shapes include:

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