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30 Ton Lifting Magnet - Steel Coil Lifting Equipment

Specially engineered steel coil lifter - 30 ton lifting magnet. 30 ton refers to the maximum weight of steel coil that this magnetic lifter can handle. HVR MAG's Advantage over Slings & C-Hooks:Simple and easy use, once been magnetized, it can catch/pick up the coil instantly. Uniform magnetic force avoids scratches or damages to the surface of coil.

Heavy Duty Lifting Magnets - Industrial Lifting - HVR MAG

Feb 02, 2021 · Our magnetic lifter heavy duty crane hoist lifting magnet can handle steel plates weighing from 1 ton 40 tons, to meet every need of handling ferrous loads for different factories or workshops. Electro-permanent magnetic system with square poles, with radio remote control, can remain hold of the heavy load even in a sudden power outdage. Besides, our heavy duty lifting magnets Permanent Lifting MagnetHLM3 series lifting magnets are made of sintered NdFeB magntes, featuring huge attraction power, compact, high energy-economizing, convenient and reliable, long service life, and automatically unloading materials.

HVR Magnet

HVR Magnetics manufactures a wide range of lifting magnets,electro-permanent lifting magnets,lifting electromagnets,battery lifting magnets,magnetic chuck,magnetic separator.

  • Permanent Lifting Magnet · Electro-Permanent Magnet Controller · Magnetic Separator · Contact Us Steel Billet Lifting Magnet - 12 Ton Magnetic - HVR MAGHVR MAG tailor made magnetic lifting beam:2 rectangular magnetic lifters hanged at each end of the lifting beam. Lifting capacity - safe working load:6 ton for each lifting magnet, 12 ton together. Magnetic billet lifter is designed to lift 2 steel billets at the same time, increasing production cycles and reducing the chance for operator injury. Bottom part of magnet lifter is specifically designed for the

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