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The expanded metal is usually used as fencing guards, walkways, stair treads and decorates, and the requisite accessories for clients' demands, such as posts, rails, tension bars, tie wires clips for fencing, is all fitted as you can see in every specific product pages, but extra-chargeable.

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Overview. McNICHOLS ® Expanded Metal is made by slitting and stretching metal sheets to create diamond-shaped openings. This practical and versatile product line forms screens, window security panels, machine guards and more. Decorative Expanded items are popular in shelving, signage and ceiling tile applications. Expanded Metal Grating Anti-Skid in Flooring, Walkway and Its surface has many hole patterns for versatile application, including diamond holes, hexagonal holes, oval holes and other decorative holes. In order to add additional security, corrosion resistance and rust resistance, generally expanded metal sheet is made of carbon steel sheet, stainless steel or aluminum with galvanized and PVC coated. Now, expanded metal grating has been used in many areas, such as stair treads, ramp, flooring, walkway,

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Because expanded metal is produced by stretching, flattening and slitting single steel sheets, it cannot unravel, and enjoys a strength advantage over welded mesh in certain applications. Our Mentex and Flatex expanded metal products are typically used for walkways, caging, industrial ladders, machine covers, security perimeters, and so on. Expanded Metal Walkway Grating Used as Platform and Stair 9 rows · EMWG-01:Expanded metal walkway grating is usually standard expanded metal for a anti-slip

Expanded Metal Walkway Grating. Expanded metal walkway grating has become a very common application due to its excellent anti-skid performance, high bearing capacity and safety. The expanded mesh walkway can be made of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum. Compared with ordinary steel platforms, the raised surface provides better support.

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