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1 MANUFACTURING PROCESS. 1.1 Shipbuilding. 1.1.1 Introduction. The shipbuilding industry has over the years developed the construction of ships with hulls and structures in steel. For some decades now other construction materials, such as metal alloys, have been introduced. Aluminium alloys have been widely used in the construction of light

NSAM Naval Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing

Projects Selected After Input From Navy Program Office. Our Goal. The primary goal of National Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence (NSAM)is to improve manufacturing processes and ultimately reduce the cost and time required to build and repair Navy ships and other weapons platforms. Resources. Robots and Lasers Are Bringing Shipbuilding into the May 05, 2019 · In addition to robots, the additive manufacturing techniques, like 3D printing, could speed shipbuilding even more and reduce the Navys need for carrying spare parts on ships.

Shipbuilding companies see the future in lasers

When MV Werft recently expanded its Rostock site with a new hall, laser technology was as much a focus there as in the Shipyard of the Future initiative of U.S. shipyard Ingalls Shipbuilding and the modernization of the STX shipyard in France, which, in 2016, built the largest cruise liner at that time, Harmony of the Seas. The 362-meter-long and 66-meter-wide behemoth can carry 6,360 passengers Six Emerging Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Advanced manufacturing remains extremely important to NASA. Our researchers and engineers are consistently developing new manufacturing technologies and techniques for the agencys aerospace missions. The Space Launch System, for example, is being built with many cutting-edge inventions that reduce costs and development time.

ThyssenKrupp and Wilhelmsen to develop additive

Jan 09, 2020 · ThyssenKrupp is collaborating with Wilhelmsen, one of the largest maritime products and services provider in the world, to jointly develop additive manufacturing enabled commercial solutions for the maritime industry.. Under the Memorandum of Agreement signed by both companies, ThyssenKrupp and Wilhelmsens Marine Products division will collaborate on providing 3D-printed New Manufacturing Technologies in Shipbuilding » SSI

  • One of the biggest advantages additive manufacturing has over more traditional techniques is speed. Shortening the timeline between initial concept, 3D model, and manufactured parts. While 3D CAD technology has removed the need to physically manufacture parts at each step of the process, sometimes the most effective way to understand a design, or visualize inconsistencies is to see the obje Conclusions and Recommendations Shipbuilding new materials and new product technologiesthe innovations, including new designs and new components, that meet particular market needs; Relative to these four categories of technology, as they are commercially applied, U.S. builders lag behind least in shipyard production technologies, are further behind in system technologies, and are far behind in business-process and new product and new materials technologies.

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