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5mm 5.25mm 7mm 9mm ASTM A881-10, 250k, indented, mono-wire for prestressed concrete railroad ties Galvanized 3/8 ½ 0.6 0.7 ASTM A416-10, 270k, low relaxation, pc strand for mining, barrier and stay-cable applications

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Steel Wire or Strands used to Pre-stress concrete structures. Pre-stressed concrete is high-strength concrete that has internal steel wire reinforcement. Because pre-stressed concrete requires no coatings, it is a low-cost construction material. Prestress Steel Wire, Smooth Steel Wire, Helical Rib Wire Dawson Group Ltd. - the China Manufacturer, Supplier of Prestress Steel Wire, Smooth Steel Wire, Helical Rib Wire, Indented Steel Wire, Spring Wire, Mattress Wire, High Carbon Steel Wire, Prestressed Steel Strand, Prestressed Steel Bar, Low Carbon Cold Drawns Steel Wire, Ribbed Steel Bars and Wire Mesh.

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The prestressed concrete wire (pc wire) is manufactured with ASTM standard, low relaxation steel wire that is primarily used for prestressed concrete. For application, we supply buyers as coated braided steel cable, spiral pc wire, indented pc wire twisted steel cable and galvanized steel wire. prestressed steel wire strand, prestressed steel wire The prestressed steel strand used in prestressed steel strand for the uncoated steel strand for prestressed concrete, has galvanized, commonly used in bridge construction, water conservancy, energy and geotechnical engineering, unbonded steel strand or monostrand commonly used in the slab and foundation engineering etc. , products including Spiral steel pipe, ERW steel pipe, Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe, Pre-galvanized steel pipe, Square and Rectangle steel pipe,

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Prestressed PC steel wire application:Prestressed concrete strand is used of prestressed concrete structure reinforced, such as large-span bridges on railway and highway, overhead crane beam, rock-soil anchoring project, multi-storey industrial buildings, stadiums, mines and etc. PE coated steel strand for prestressed concrete is suitable for large-span and large bays cast-in-place concrete floor, large

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