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  • Universal Kitchen Stainless Steel Plate Lifter, Folding Hot Dish Plate Bowl Clip Plate Retriever Tongs Sheet metal vacuum lifting device - All industrial Designed for lifting steel plates up to 3 metres x 1.5 metres the Minivac 2-150 has movable vacuum pad assemblies to facilitate lifting smaller sizes. The operator controls

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    Aug 31, 2017 · Stainless Steel For lifting, transporting and turning of stainless steel plates and structures. Non-Marking (Marring) Clamps designed with two clamping jaws with a special plastic layer. These can be used with various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, wood, glass, plastic and stone. Not to be used with concrete. Plate Clamps for Lifting Steel - Crosby IP Clamps and JC Non-marring - plate clamps that are manufactured with smooth gripping surfaces to avoid damage to the plate being lifted. Used when gripping stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other polished metal plates. Other specialty plate clamps include clamps used for lifting steel beams, bundles of plate,

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    Take a metal plate that is stacked horizontally, lift it vertically, and then place it down horizontally on its other side. Automatic close clamps close under their own weight; as the load increases, so does the grip. Clamps with a lock stay closed to prevent accidental release. QTP 10100 GM LS LS1 LSX Engine Lift Plate Stainless SteelThe days of scratching the paint in your engine bay are over. This polished stainless steel 1/4" thick lift plate allows you to safely and precisely install or remove your LSx engine by its valley cover bolts. It fits all Gen III and IV GM motors 1997 and newer. Includes a Grade 8 nut and bolt.

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    The SXT has a capacity of 4,000 lbs, a standard scissor lift design and can be fitted with a rotating top. The SXTLP is a ground entry pan style stainless lift with a 2,500 lbs capacity. The low profile LPBL-SG is a stainless steel / cold galvanized lift and is suitable for mild wash down applications. It can be loaded via a pallet jack with the use a stainless steel ramp. Stainless Steel Lifts Superlift Material HandlingSuperlift offers stainless steel lifts in 304, 304L 316 and 316L, polished, electro-polished, hand polished as well as in a 2B or mill finish depending on your requirements. The lifts are fully welded and have the finest welding to compare with any mfg in the world including European stainless steel lift

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    Terrier and Crosby Lifting Clamps are designed for lifting Steel H-Beams, Flexible Sheets, Drums, and other hard-to-handle materials. Plate Clamp styles available include Screw Clamps, Block Grab, Drum Clamp, Specialty Clamps, Hardox Clamps, I-Beam Lifting Clamps, HP-Profile Clamps, and Universal Lifting Stainless Steel Gym Bar American BarbellThe American Barbell Stainless Steel Gym Bar has a shaft made from stainless steel tested at 190K PSI tensile strength. This makes for a solid, durable training bar built for a range of lifts, including squats, bench press, deadlifts, rows and more. The shaft is built from stainless steel

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