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Chapter 25:Gypsum Board and Plaster, 2014 FBC - Building

Cold-formed steel-framed shear walls sheathed with gypsum board and constructed in accordance with the materials and provisions of Section 2211.6 are permitted to resist wind and seismic loads. Walls resisting seismic loads shall be subject to the limitations in Section 12.2.1 of ASCE 7. Section 2506 Gypsum Board Materials

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5 CGC Gypsum Fire Wall Systems Applications CGC® Fire Wall Systems are lightweight, non-loadbearing gypsum panel partition assemblies used to provide fire-resistive protection for common walls in townhouse construction. These systems install quickly and easily. Because they weigh at least 50% less than masonry walls, installation proceedsrapidly. Gypsum Technical Manual1 Marley Building Systems Gypsum Ceilings & Partitioning Product Range: Steel brandering can also be used in bulkhead construction. A range of joiners are also available to facilitate Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request from our Technical

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the original sheet, before expanding. It is too heavy and rigid to be used as a plaster base but provides a formidable barrier in the core of a plastered partition. Expanded metal security mesh is available in a standard or flattened pattern; carbon steel (plain or galvanized), stainless steel or aluminum in metal thickness of .030" to .119". MATERIAL CAPABILITIES 5 Things to Know About Metal The most common fire rating material used in metal buildings is gypsum wallboard. Other materials can be used, including concrete masonry for walls, and spray-applied fire resistive materials. All the MBMA fire-rated designs utilize the generic 5/8-inch "Type X" gypsum wallboard as a minimum, so any gypsum supplier's Type X board will comply.


The panels may be of any conventional material, preferably gypsum wallboard, having a core 31, a back face 32, and a front face 34 to which metal sheets 40, described hereafter, are adhered by a suitable adhesive 36. Portions of the sheet 40 have been removed for illustration, in FIGS. 1 and 2. SECTION 092900 - GYPSUM BOARDMaterial:Galvanized or aluminum-coated steel sheet, rolled zinc, plastic, or paper-faced galvanized steel sheet.

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Jun 09, 2017 · 4. Do not bend sheet steel or break/mar gypsum board sheet while handling. If damage to panel should occur, repair of panel may be approved by manufacturer. PART 2.0 PRODUCTS 2.01 MATERIALS, FASTENERS, ADHESIVE, KEVLAR BAGS AND FINISHED PANELS A. Galvanized Steel:1. 200BI - No.22 gage 0.027 inch (0.686mm) base-metal thickness minimum per ASTM Steel Sheet Sheathing Options for CFS Framed Shear Oct 31, 2007 · steel walls with a limitation of up to a 2:1 aspect ratio for the 0.018-in. steel sheet sheathing and up to a 4:1 aspect ratio for 0.027-in. steel sheet sheathing. Therefore additional tests were desired to address a wider range of options of steel sheet sheathing for cold-formed steel shear walls.


4. For abuse-resistant construction over steel stud framing, minimum 20-gauge (0.0296 in. [0.752 mm] base metal thickness) steel studs, as defined by the Steel Stud Manufacturers Association (SSMA), are recommended. refer to Gypsum Association's GA-216, Specifications for the Application and Finishing of Gypsum

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