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CRANE Terminology Lookup Tool GP IDeA-CTR

CRANE Terminology Lookup Tool. CRANE users from behind the UNMC Firewall can look at aggregate data for data available in CRANE. This tool allows for searching using codes (i.e. CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10, LOINC, etc.), code names, or related names while also filtering based on the semantic type. The semantic type includes the table from which the code is derived, which enables selecting for a

Crane Terminology - American Crane

OVERHEAD CRANE A crane with a moveable bridge carrying a moveable or fixed hoisting mechanism and traveling on an overhead fixed runway structure. RATED LOAD The maximum load which the crane is designed to handle safely REEVING Terminology used to describe the path of the hoist wire rope as it pays off the hoist drum and wraps Cranes for Sale Buy & Sell Cranes Crane Rentals Price:$185,000. Crane Solutions, Inc. at 912-234-1300 (Office) 2010 Grove RT760E 60-Ton Rough Terrain Crane S/N:231035 110' Main Boom 56' Jib Main Winch Auxiliary Winch Cummins Diesel Engine 4 x 4 x 4 Drive Pat LMI System with Anti Two Blocking Heated and Air Conditioned Cab Block Ball Hours:8,072. Year:2016.

Terminology Crane Network

Crane, remote-operated - A crane whose movements are controlled by an operator through the use of controllers contained in a portable operating station not attached to the crane. Crane, semigantry - A gantry with one end of the bridge rigidly supported on one or more legs that run on a fixed rail or runway, the other end of the bridge being supported by an end truck running on an elevated rail or runway.

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