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Determine the yield strength of you weakest part (the aluminum). Then, yield stress = [load maximum]/ (thread stress area * number of threads of engagement) or, load maximum = [yield stress] * [thread stress area * number of threads of engagement) Modified by Cragyon at Wed, Mar 03, 2004, 10:46:03.


Ratio of shear strength to tensile strength / (steel) Internal thread tapped hole:Tensile strength :MPa:Ratio of shear strength to tensile strength / (cast iron) tensile stress area A t =/4 d 0 2 ; d 0 =(d 2 +d 3)/2:mm 2:ultimate tensile strength R m :MPa :yield strength R p0.2:MPa :maximum tensile load F 0.2 = R p0.2 x A t:kN Is it OK to screw a steel screw into aluminum Jan 04, 2016 · But what about if you use 6061-T6 aluminum? It appears to have a Rockwell B hardness of about 60 and a tensile strength of about 47,000 psi. This may be harder than a low cost low strength hardware store zinc plated screw, right?


n Tapped holes had a basic thread depth within the range of 65 to 80 per cent. Threads of tapped holes were Class 2B fit or better. n Minimum amount of metal surrounding the tapped hole was 2 1/2 times the major diameter. n Test loads were applied slowly in tension to screws having standard Class 3A threads. (Data, though, will Tech Q&A taken from Aluminum Now MagazineJun 01, 2011 · strength is 22.0 ksi. For 6061-T6, the minimum yield strength is 35.0 ksi and the minimum ultimate tensile strength is 38.0 ksi. For windows, 6063 is often chosen. Sometimes 6061 would be chosen because of its higher strength, but it would probably not be chosen if the intent is to anodize because 6061 doesnt anodize as well as 6063.

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Apr 04, 2014 · I cannot speak to the use of form taps in plastic, but I have form tapped literally thousands of holes in both 6061 and 2024 alloys. Overall, the thread produced is superior to a cut tap thread. It is smoother, stronger, has no chips to worry about. There are two downsides that I will mention. Threaded hole strength in 6061 - Practical MachinistApr 09, 2014 · Threaded hole strength in 6061. I need to determine the tensile strength for a standard steel M3 socket screw that is threaded into a 6061 aluminum part. Alu threads will be tap-cut. Thread depth is 4.5mm, but I'd say allow .5mm for chamfer, etc., call it 4mm of engagement. I can't make the hole any deeper.

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Apr 08, 2014 · RE:Threaded hole strength in 6061 aluminum TVP (Materials) 10 Apr 14 09:13 Ultimate shear strength for Al alloys is ~ 0.7*UTS, so for 6061-T6 it thread725-35222:Tensile capacity/minimum engagement2Thanks CoryPad, I'll digest that thread and see if I can do the calc.When I design tooling, I always use Heli-coil inserts in the alum parts. Chris, CSWA SolidWorks 13 ctopher's home SolidWorks LegionThanks Chris. Without going into the details, I'm basically having to check someone else's design/part to be sure it meets my expectations. I'veCoryPad:At the end of that thread there is a discussion about the "addition of 0.8P to m eff ". Can you elaborate on that, or show me the equatFor charts of what UNBRAKO felt in 1996 were reasonable tapped hole thread strength to consider for a quality socket head capscrew into brass, someAlso a quick Google search comes up with a lot of info:Link Link Chris, CSWA SolidWorks 13 ctopher's home SolidWorks LegionYes, Googled extensively before asking here. All of those links drive at the minimum threads to equal the strength of the same material fastener,re Unbrako's chart, and making the assumption that metric will be the same as their UNC? thread tests for #0-#10, taking the conservative case of 1 Threaded hole strength in 6061 aluminum - Structural Apr 08, 2014 · As the hole is under the normal rule-of-thumb depths for full bolt strength, AND the material is weaker than the bolt, I figure the weak link will be the threaded hole. I need to determine how much load this can handle. Parameters and constraints:- Standard steel M3 socket screw. - Threaded hole into a 6061 aluminum part.

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