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Apr 04, 2018 · Weathering steel is ideal for use in building bridges due to its high strength and low maintenance. Bridges would require regular inspection and cleaning but wouldnt require painting. Not having to paint this type of steel is of benefit to builders as they can avoid the health issues regarding volatile organic compounds which are a health concern in certain paints.

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Aug 23, 2017 · Weathering steel provides these properties, in addition to ductility and toughness. Maintenance and Safety. The high level of corrosion resistance that weathering steel exhibits means that maintenance is reduced as the material is subjected to less damage. Only periodic cleaning and inspection is required. Weathering Steel Specifications & Benefits Central Steel Benefits of Weathering Steels:Extensive Appeal:The atmospheric corrosion resistance of weather resistant steel enables it to be used unpainted in Practical Benefits:Weathering steel offers significant advantages over other metals for structures that are exposed to Very low maintenance:

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Weathering steel is also conveniently high strength, low maintenance, and cost effective. The abundant benefits of weathering steel make Corten steel sheets ideal for structural and architectural applications such as bridges, roofing and open-framed buildings.

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