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A grade 8 bolt is stronger than the more commonly used grade 5. It is made of alloy steel and has six radial lines on the top of the bolt head. Grade 8 bolts have a tensile strength of 150,000 pounds per square inch. We recommend using grade 8 nuts, flat washers and high alloy lock washers with any grade 8 bolts / hex cap screws.

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11 rows · The Grade 8 Hex Bolt is made of either a Boron Steel or a High Strength Steel which is What steel are grade 8 nut and bolts made off?Feb 24, 2018 · I thought all grade 8 bolts were case hardened. If you are making grade 8 strength nuts you should start off with a material that is already that strong as suggested or make them from scratch out of a material that can be heat treated to that strength. The center of a bolt hex when drilled will not have the surface hardness/strength I think a

Feb 26, 2018 · After doing some research, using a 5/8" 18 nut as a reference, the normal torque value (every book and website has somewhat different values) for commercial un-plated hardware with dry threads:Grade 2 nut 103 ft lbs. Grade 5 nut 170 t lbs. Grade 8 nut 240 ft lbs. Now this is for standard .547" tall nuts and mine will be only 1/2 that.

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