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DuPont Tyvek Water-Resistive Barrier Installation

Windows and Doors BEFORE Water-Resistive Barrier (WRB) is Installed, which will direct you back to this guide at the appropriate step. If the windows and doors have already been installed and flashed, integrate the Tyvek® WRB by following the DuPont Self-Adhered Flashing Products Integration section in

DuPont Tyvek Water-Resistive and Air Barriers Residing

WRB by following the DuPont Self-Adhered Flashing Products Integration section in this guide. NOTE:If DuPont FlexWrap and apron are used, install the Tyvek® WRB under the apron to ensure proper shingling. If a non-self adhering sill flashing product is used, please maintain proper shingling. Tips for Proper Window Flashing Pro BuilderSecure the pan Integrate a preformed pan with the WRB or cut a continuous length of flexible self-adhesive flashing tape that is wide enough to cover the sill framing and extend 6 inches up each side jamb. Start at one jamb and carefully expose the adhesive side as

Window flashing and WRB - Exterior Inspections

The wrap gets tucked around the edges of the opening, then the window (with nail fin) is caulked and installed, then the tape flashing is applied starting at the bottom. Some builders use a separate sill pan flashing on the bottom of the opening as an added precaution. Tucked at the sides and bottom only, not at the top. Overlapped at the top. WRB & Flashing ProTradeCraftThis small video collection covers the basics of installing a roof deck in a place where sideways rain and hurricanes are real. Flashing, taping the seams, and storm-proof shingle starter strips. Image. Apr 1 2021. Videos // WRB & Flashing, Windows & Doors.

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